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Go Immerse has partnered with Virtual Office to offer a $200 reduced rate for those interested in obtaining a virtual office for business licensing purposes in the City of Freeport (Grand Bahama Port Authority).  The regular rate is $672 annually (inclusive of VAT).  Virtual Offices work well for those not requiring a physical work space.  The annual renewal of $672 (inclusive of VAT) is required after the first year.

*Note: Virtual Office - A business that can be performed without the need for a physical space.

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A Virtual Space provides the physical requirement in order to obtain a license from The Grand Bahama Port Authority for some businesses in the City of Freeport.  This includes the of use of a meeting room (for pre-booked meetings) in the Office of Immerse Bahamas Co. Ltd., located on West Mall Drive, Freeport, Grand Bahama Island, The Bahamas. 

The Virtual Space includes the use of Immerse Bahamas mailing address (West Mall Drive), receptionist services, meeting room (not to exceed 10 hours per month), mailbox (P.O. Box F-42145, Freeport, Grand Bahama), and package delivery.

This Lease shall continue on a year to year basis until terminated by either party. The Rent payable under this Lease for use of the Leased Premises is $600 annually plus VAT and shall be due one month prior to expiration of the annual contract.  


Business consultancy, business plan development and marketing services are developed on a case-by-case basis, as one size does not fit all.  After the initial meeting the Immerse Team will reconnect with the client within one week for feedback from the client to fine tune the project.

Based on the objective of the project, timelines will be established and a work-flow schedule. Payment for services is made to Immerse Bahamas Co. Ltd. and any add-on expenses will be billed separately, including but not limited to creative and graphic design (outside scope of work), printing, photography and videography, procurement of samples, delivery services, travel expenses, and other extraordinary services.