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Children need positive adult mentoring, to be taught specific skills about life and education and a strong motivation (basketball) that will keep them involved in the program. At Falcons Boys Club, our program rewards positive attitude and effectively encourages children to change failure to success in a positive way. Our strong youth development model promotes a sense of belonging, competence and knowledge, while creating positive self-esteem, self-discipline and self-direction.

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Falcons Boys Club Basketball Academy is a comprehensive instructional program for boys ages 8 -18. The basketball academy focuses on teaching fundamental basketball skills through a series of drills, fun contests and play. The unique aspect of the program is the use of lower baskets and smaller basketballs for the 5-9 year old age group which enable each child to succeed in their own basketball development. Each participant receives a Falcons Boys Club tee-shirt.

The basketball program is incentive-driven with giveaways of sweat bands, socks, water bottles, lunch bags, folders, basketballs, gym bags and reversible uniforms. The program uses a well-designed and standardized curriculum to provide each player with the
opportunity for improvement and success.  In using a small coach-to-player ratio, each player receives the individual attention they need at this young age.  Each coach is in uniform and is required to strictly adhere to the Academy’s policy and procedure guidebook. Each player is required to wear their uniform and cooperate in the instruction. Players who do not cooperate with the “Lessons of Life”
and academic component of the program can be monitored on a weekly basis.

The success of the basketball program provides the key to all the other components to the program. With basketball and education combined to be the motivation for each child’s reward, the success off the court is imperative to each child’s success
on the court. By using the popular game of basketball, each child in the program will show improvement and be
taught the lessons of practice, self-discipline, confidence, teamwork and sportsmanship which translates into the lessons of life.

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