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Become a Vendor

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[A One-Time Registration/Set-Up Fee]

Find everything you need; promote anything you want; sell your services and product; receive direct online payment!

·        An eco-system for collaboration

·        Booking System

·        Secured Payment Portal

·        Bahamas/Caribbean Payment-Ready

·        Social Media Sharing

·        Digital Marketing

·        Vendor-Managed Online Sores

·        Inventory Management

·        Integrated Marketing

·        Advertising Opportunities

·        Continuous Digital Marketing

·        Newsletter with featured vendors

·        Special Featured Blog

·        An interconnected portal

·       Management of Customers/Followers

·        Go Ambassador Opportunity

·        Author Opportunity

·        Connect sales to a charitable cause

·        Vendor Gift Card Creation (Optional)

·        Vendor Event Creation (Optional)

·        Virtual Office for Licensing Purposes (Optional)


Select one of the opportunities available, after registration in ‘My Account’:

  • ESSENTIALS: $20 Monthly Subscription – Includes vendor listing, store front, service listing, product listing, online booking, business information and policies,  promotion opportunities, payment to account.
  • GIFTS: $30 Monthly Subscription: Includes all ‘Essentials’ benefits plus, Vendor Gift Cards for online purchase; notification to recipient, sender and vendor; online promotion; and management of redemption.
  • EVENTS: $50 Monthly Subscription – Includes ‘Essentials’ and ‘Gifts’ benefits plus Events Module for event marketing and promotion, online registration, and ticket sales.
  • Coming Soon! CONNECT: $100 Monthly Subscription – Includes ‘Essentials’, ‘Gifts’, and ‘Events’ benefits plus Connection Module for global connections, grant opportunities, sector forums, ‘Finding My Roots’, sister cities and people to people connections, reunions, and more…


  1. For payment transactions made on the portal, a 5% transaction fee is charged.  This covers merchant services fees, payment portal fees, and administrative fees.
  2. The Vendor Agreement must be accepted, in order to become a vendor
  3. Select a Membership Subscription must be determinedChoose from the packages of Essential, Gifts, Events, or Connect.
  4. Vendor Assistance: ‘Go Ambassadors’, ‘Go Officers’ and ‘Go Outlets’ are available to assist, if
  5. User Manual: Review the online User Manual in the ‘My Account’ section of the site.

This One-Time Registration/Set-Up Fee of $224 inclusive of VAT, is required, prior to the selection of a vendor membership package.

Immerse Global

Business Consultancy

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Store:  Immerse Global
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With expert experience, we provide business consultation for entrepreneurs and those looking to further grown their businesses.

Immerse Global has extensive knowledge of what it takes to successfully operate a business, as well as an impressive list of contacts and associates to connect the dots for doing business.  We will guide you with strategic steps that you can implement to ensure that your venture reaches its full potential.

Immerse Global

Business Plan Development

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Store:  Immerse Global
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At Immerse Global, we develop business plans that provide in-depth analysis of the business concept that can be used for business owners to truly development their business strategy and provide financial backers with important information required for funding.

Our in-depth business plans contain the following:

  • Executive Summary
  • Company Information
  • Market Problem
  • Product/Service Description
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Market Analysis/Target Market
  • Marketing Plan
  • Revenue
  • Management Team
  • Milestones
  • Financial Statements

Let us develop your plan today!

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Immerse Global

Marketing Services

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Store:  Immerse Global
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At Immerse Global, we recognize that everyone has value.  Our marketing and branding services ensures that others are made aware of this value. Our marketing services range from brand development, logo design, marketing strategies, digital marketing, social media optimization, website design and more.

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The Blaze 98.3 FM

The Blaze Shows

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The Blaze 98.3 FM is blazing Exuma and the Cays and offers 5 exciting shows to choose from to get your message out:

  • Morning Show with Tony & Greg (6am – 10am)
  • The Inferno with Gigi (10am – 2pm)
  • The Revolution with Juan McCartney
  • Afternoon Drive with Nekeno
  • Evening Show with Alecia

2 Spots Per Day plus Opening and Closing at $500 per week or $1,500 per month (excluding VAT)!

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Virtual Office

Virtual Office

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Store:  Virtual Office
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In the City of Freeport located on the island of Grand Bahama, The Grand Bahama Port Authority requires all business operators to have a registered business location. This requirement hinders entrepreneurs who do not necessarily require the overhead of a physical location from getting started. Immerse Global is licensed as a Virtual Space provider, and will become your registered physical location.

The virtual space includes a private meeting room equipped with a whiteboard, television monitor, and conference table capable of comfortably seating up to ten.

Get your registered location within 24 hours:

Step 1:  Complete Online Application

Step 2:  Review + Sign Contract

Step 3:  Make Online Payment

Step 4:  Receive Fully Executed Contract + Letter for GBPA via Email

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Virtual Office

Virtual Office with Go Immerse

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Store:  Virtual Office
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Go Immerse has partnered with Virtual Office to offer a $200 reduced rate for those interested in obtaining a virtual office for business licensing purposes in the City of Freeport (Grand Bahama Port Authority).  The regular rate is $672 annually (inclusive of VAT).  Virtual Offices work well for those not requiring a physical work space.  The annual renewal of $672 (inclusive of VAT) is required after the first year.

*Note: Virtual Office - A business that can be performed without the need for a physical space.

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