When Ginger M. Moxey created Immerse Bahamas in 2013, it was envisioned that it would become the ultimate social enterprise, designed to help others achieve their goals. She believed that people should be able to provide for themselves and the ones they love by doing what the love to do.

Ginger M. Moxey, a home-grown Grand Bahamian, born and raised in Eight Mile Rock, is the President and CEO of Immerse Bahamas, a premier, full service destination and project management company in The Bahamas which specializes in the design and implementation of authentic Bahamian experiences. She is also the founder of 700 Partners, a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to reaching those that are in need and restoring the infrastructure that creates the environment for better communities.

Before branching out to launch her company and philanthropic initiative in June 2014, she served as the Vice President of The Grand Bahama Port Authority Limited and Port Group Limited.

With a passion for cultural immersion and community development, Ms. Moxey’s dream is to create sister city, people-to-people, and cultural relationships for all of the inhabited islands of The Bahamas and the Caribbean, and People-to-People relationships to promote cultural, educational, tourism and business exchanges around the world.

Creighton Khallid Moxey is passionate about entrepreneurship and generational wealth. He believes that for too long, we have endured the same struggles as our ancestors, and now is the time for innovation, self-empowerment, and actualization.

Creighton is a twenty-four year old international speaker, author, and entrepreneur, and the founder of Immerse Global, a business consultancy and marketing company. He serves in the capacity of Chief Marketing Officer, and is a graduate of the Louisiana State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business and a concentration in Entrepreneurship.

Creighton is an avid reader that always looks forward to learning new information, particularly in the business world. Some of his strengths include ideation, learning, analytics, and futuristic design. This gives him the ability to come up with many innovative ideas to enhance the success of businesses. He focuses on efficient and effective solutions, while enjoying the learning process, along the way.

Creighton also serves as Chief Marketing Officer of Immerse Bahamas, and plays an integral role in the marketing and business development aspects of the company. His two passions are entrepreneurship and The Bahamas, and this aligns with his goal of assisting Bahamians to create generational wealth and displaying the authentic beauty of Bahamian culture and its people.

The Go Immerse Team of experienced professionals are dedicated and committed to the goals of the organization to build the most robust virtual ecosystem that connects people, places, and products for travel, service, shopping, events, features, collaborations, and support.

Social Entrepreneurship at Work…
Each One; Reach One!

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Social Entrepreneurship at Work…
Each One; Reach One!